Kitec Plumbing Supply Pipes

admin Plumbing November 17, 2015

Kitec Plumbing Supply Pipes

The home inspection process is actually very exciting and through home inspections we find many defects. One area for concern is Kitec Plumbing. Although not considered an actual defect there is certainly reason to find out more details about it. Read the basics below and do some google search’s for Kitec.

What is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec was used widely throughout North America between 1995 and 2007. It appears to be plastic but actually consists of flexible aluminum pipe with a plastic inner and outer layer. The manufacturer of Kitec, IPEX, supplied fittings for the piping that contained high levels of Zinc. Dezinctification occurs under certain conditions and can cause the fittings to fail causing restricted water flow and in extreme cases flooding and water damage within the home. There have also been cases where the piping itself has disintegrated due to extreme temperatures. The piping is rated for a maximum of 180° F. There are some instances where home owners utilize a boiler for heating and Kitec is used to supply radiators. If the boiler temperature is set higher than 180° F then the pipes begin to deteriorate.

How do I know if I have Kitec in my home?

The best places to look for Kitec plumbing is at the hot water tank where pipes and fittings are likely visible as well as under sinks. Kitec is most commonly found in the colours bright blue (for cold water) and bright orange (for hot water), however, it was also manufactured in black, red, blue and grey. On the piping you may find one of the following brand names: XPA, KERR, IPEX AQUA, Kitec XPA, KITEC, PlumbBetter, AmbioComfort or WarmRite. On the fittings you would see Kitec or KTC.

What can I do if I have Kitec?

If your home was built or extensively renovated between 1995 and 2007 you should take a few minutes to look at your supply piping. Kitec was the subject of a class action law suit that created a $125 Million dollar settlement. The settlement is to be used by both Canadian and American claimants for repairs to their homes and other structures plumbed with Kitec. It can also be used to upgrade the plumbing systems even if the installed Kitec has not failed. Deadline for filing a claim is January 9, 2020. You can find more details on the law suit, settlement and making a claim at