Join Our Team of Independent Inspectors. We are currently expanding with a focus on Barrie Ontario, London Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, Niagara Ontario, Cambridge Ontario and Winnipeg Manitoba.

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At 4Sight Home Inspections there is no job more important than safety. Minimum Requirements

Education, Experience and Memberships/Insurance

  • Certification as a home inspector from an accredited institution
  • Background in residential construction/renovations or related industry
  • Level 1 Certified Thermography (may be obtained within 30 days of joining 4Sight Inspections Inc.)
  • Member in good standing with InterNACHI ( [may be obtained within 30 days of joining 4Sight Inspections Inc.])
  • Must meet all local regulatory requirements based on your city, province or state
  • Proven track record in customer service regardless of past industry
  • Insurance coverage for your company covering Errors and Omissions as well as Liability


  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Mastech Circuit Analyzer
  • Non-Intrusive Moisture Meter
  • Set of Screw Drivers
  • Flashlight (300 lumens minimum)
  • Miner’s Light (300 lumens minimum)
  • Awl
  • Smartphone (IOS or Android)
  • Ladder(s)
  • Rechargeable Hand Vacuum
  • Additional Tools As Required

4Sight Inspections Inc. Provides the Following:

  • Mass media online advertising
  • E-mail address
  • Software including smartphone app and web based platform
  • All graphics design and trademarks
  • Debit/Credit Card Reader
  • Customer Service Support
  • Online booking functionality
  • Central telephone booking support
  • Baeumler Approved Status
  • Hands on training for both inspections and software
  • A team of dedicated inspectors for immediate support and assistance

You Will Provide the Following:

  • Vehicle graphics
  • Business cards
  • Flyers (optional)
  • Stickers/labels (optional)
  • Uniform Shirts (Online purchase site will be provided to you)
  • Tools (as outlined above)
  • Memberships and insurance (as outlined above)


4Sight Inspections Inc. is not a franchise corporation. Our business model does not require a $15k, $20k, $30k up front purchase for the franchise and annual royalty fees. We give you the opportunity to start your business with minimal expense. Your overhead is limited to updating/replacing tools, vehicle graphics, business cards and gas. We take care of the rest. This leaves you with the ability to focus on the business rather than the marketing. Building your business is KEY!

  • You have the ability to create revenue of six figures plus annually with minimal overhead. That is YOUR revenue.
  • You create your own hours (how much you are willing to work relates directly to your potential revenue)
  • Business growth is dependent on you. 4Sight provides the vehicle for success but it is up to you to drive it. Growth is directly related to your ability to provide the best inspection in the industry and incredible customer service.
  • Your first year will be slow! Do not enter this business assuming you will be making $100k or $150k in your first year. This business is no different than any other. In your first year you will make money but not get rich. 4Sight will put in the advertising overhead so you can keep your revenue. It is that simple.
  • You will have a jump start by utilizing the 4Sight name and reputation. We are well known in the industry and have many excellent reviews that will back your business.


It is a fact that 80% of Home Inspection Businesses fail in the first two years. A lack of business knowledge, funds, marketing exposure or too much competition with more experience are all major contributors to these failings. With 4Sight Inspections all you need is the ability to do the right job and provide excellent customer service. Everything else is taken care of for you so your business can succeed!!

For more information contact Michael Mischke with your up to date resume at

We also offer mentoring programs for aspiring, certified home inspectors who are interested in receiving some hands on experience through real home inspections. See below for more details.


Being certified as a home inspector is necessary to begin your business but having someone hire you without any credible, hands on experience is near impossible. Would you trust your new $500k+ home to a freshly certified Home Inspector with no field experience? Mentoring is a great way to get out into the field and receive hands on experience on real home inspections. 4Sight Inspections Inc. has three packages that will get you out there identifying defects, learning what to look for and how to look for it and learning how to deal with people and provide industry leading customer service.

Assure 30 Package

  • Provides 25 to 30 hours (10 inspections) of shadowing a Certified Master Inspector on real inspections.
  • $599.00 + HST

Assure 60 Package

  • Provides 50 to 60 hours (20 inspections) of shadowing a Certified Master Inspector on real inspections.
  • $999.00 + HST

Experience Assured Package

  • Provides 10 inspections where you are doing the inspection with the Certified Master Inspector overseeing and mentoring.
  • $1199.00 + HST
  • Requires the completion of Assure 60 package