Home Inspections and Maintenance

admin General Maintenance March 22, 2016

Home Inspections and Maintenance

Home Inspections and Maintenance. They go hand-in-hand. Each year your home goes through changes through each season. These changes can wreak havoc on different components. A decision to buy a home usually entails a home inspection. Your home inspector will identify deficiencies in the home and clearly show what is critical vs. what is something that can wait. As the home owner it is your choice to follow advice or leave it.

The same holds true for seasonal maintenance.

As a seasoned home inspector I take the time to help my clients understand the importance of seasonal maintenance. In fact, there is a page dedicated to home seasonal maintenance at www.4sightinspections.com/faqs/maintenance.html. This page gives you four season maintenance tips and check lists.

By using tips such as these and performing the seasonal maintenance that your home requires you can mitigate risks that can cost you, the home owner, a great deal of money for repairs later.

Having a home inspection performed every three to five years will further help to mitigate risks. The home inspection will identify areas of risk that the average home owner would not see.

Take the time to take care of your home and your home will take care of you