Home Buyers Remorse

admin General Maintenance March 20, 2016

Home Buyers Remorse

Let’s paint a picture. You and your family are growing and need a new, larger home. You see so many and they all seem to blend together. Then, one day, your agent takes you to see a home built in the 1950’s, fully renovated and a charmer. As you are walking up the front step you already know in your heart, “this is home”. Every step through the house confirms it. You are in love. Everything you imagined during your search is here.

You tell your agent you want to make an offer right away. You all hurry back to his/her office and begin writing the offer up. Unfortunately, as he contacts the selling agent he finds that there are already three other offers. You are in a bidding war. It is YOUR new home and you will do whatever it takes to get it!! You offer full asking price and waive the home inspection condition. Are you sure you want to do that? YES, this is your home. It is just a home inspection. You won’t lose the dream house over an inspection.

Three months later. You are moved in. Everything is perfect until the first major rainfall. Now you find that you have leaks in the roof. Even worse, your basement is flooding. Drywall in your ceilings is being saturated, new flooring in the basement is being ruined. Walls in the basement are absorbing water. Thousands of dollars in damages.

Two months later, your daughter is in her room listening to her iPod. She attempts to plug in a device for charging and gets a good shock. Now you find out that many of the outlets in the home are not properly grounded, there is arcing in the breaker panel because it has not been properly wired and aluminum wires have been spliced with copper causing corrosion. Thousands more dollars in repairs.

The buyers remorse has been setting in. Regrets on buying a house with so many needs and so many deficiencies. Regrets on buying a house without a home inspection. The key to living happily in your dream home is to know exactly what you are getting into. Many people can look for details in a home but they are not trained nor do they have the experience of a certified home inspector to find the hidden deficiencies. At 4Sight Home Inspections I take your home inspection very seriously. I go beyond the standards of service prescribed by my home inspection association. I provide service that is above all other home inspectors. By doing this I save you the home buyers remorse and help you to be happy in the home that you choose. Don’t set aside a home inspection over a bidding war. The possible outcome is never worth the risk