Home Assure Plus

We have so much confidence in the 4Sight Inspection process that we offer every home inspection with our exclusive $1,000.00 4Sight Guarantee, at NO COST to you. No other inspection company in Canada offers this level of confidence. What does the 4Sight Guarantee mean for you?

The 4Sight Guarantee (Home Inspection Guarantee) is your confidence that if something is missed that is within the scope of the inspection and it should have been and could have been found, 4Sight Inspections Inc. will cover up to $1000.00 for repairs.

Although it is very rare for something to be missed, if there is a defect that was pre-existing the inspection, it could have been seen and it is not noted as a defect in your report you can feel confident that it will be covered.

Why do you offer the 4Sight Home Inspection Guarantee?
Our inspection process is very thorough and we have every confidence in the process that 4Sight uses to progress through a home. However, minor things can sometimes be missed while a home inspector is digging to find the big things. we want you to have the same confidence that we have that you will not have any surprises after the inspection.

What does the 4Sight Home Inspection Guarantee cover?
It is easier to list what it does not cover, so, items not covered by the Guarantee are:
– Any item listed in the report as defective or near end of life expectancy
– Any mechanical components older than 15 yrs
– Hot water tanks
– Secondary property damage
– Any item listed as operating normally or in satisfactory condition at the time of the inspection
– Any item that was hidden, concealed in any way behind furniture, floor coverings, storage, etc.
– Any item behind finished walls/ceilings such as plumbing, HVAC etc.
– Any item listed in the Standards of Practice under “the inspector is not required to:”

Please note: this is NOT a warranty on any component in the home. It is a guarantee that we will not miss any defects in the home. Only one claim per house/client allowed.

It is required that you contact us directly before making any repairs. We have the right to inspect the item to determine if it should have been included in the report as defective and arrange for a contractor of our choice to perform repairs if necessary. If any repairs or changes have been made to the defective item prior to our investigation the guarantee is void. Ensure you provide your closing date at the time of booking your inspection. The guarantee cannot be validated without it.

This Guarantee is valid for 30 days from date of possession. You can increase to a full 90 day guarantee for an additional $75. Please specify this when booking.

1. $1,000 Home Inspection Guarantee^

If something is missed during the inspection that could have been seen and should have been documented (as per details above) the 4Sight Home Inspections will pay up to $1,000 to fix the issue.

2. Re-visit*

If repairs are negotiated as a direct result of the inspection performed and the inspection report provided by 4Sight Inspections we will revisit the property at your request and at a mutually convenient time to re-inspect the contractually repaired components to ensure the repair is complete and satisfactory.

3. Walk-a-way***

If there are major concerns found with the inspected house that cause you to walk away from the purchase agreement we will inspect the next home you place an offer on at half price. i.e. if the second home inspection has a rate of $400 then you would only pay $200.

4. Assurance*

For up to one full year after the initial Home Inspection date we will assist in identifying anomalies that you find in the home after you have moved in. This service includes re-visiting the home at a mutually convenient time if required.

5. Thermal (Infrared) Scans

Thermal imaging is included with every inspection. This covers the entire house and helps us to find air leaks and penetration around windows and doors, missing or inadequate insulation and active moisture, water penetration and or mold behind walls and ceilings.

6. Clarity

You have the ability to contact us seven days a week, as long as you own the home for clarification on report information, questions on the inspection, inspected components or inspection report and recommendations or suggestions on repairs as well as risk mitigation.

7. Re-Inspect**

Maintenance inspections are recommended every three to five years. If you choose to have a maintenance inspection performed by us within five years of your initial 4Sight Inspection you will receive that service at 50% off the rate posted at the time of the maintenance inspection.

8. Maintenance~

You can receive, if you choose, a quarterly newsletter outlining seasonal maintenance tips for your home. This informative newsletter will help you keep your home performing as it should and will help you to see whencomponents are beginning to fail.


HOME ASSURE PLUS is provided to ensure you have piece of mind not just at the time of inspection but years down the road. Why pay an expert to assess concerns when you have one available when you need him? 4Sight Inspections is beside you every step of the way. You will not find this level of commitment anywhere else.
* Re-visit and assurance home visit are based on availability and will be scheduled for a mutually convenient day and time
** Re-inspect is based on availability and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Rate will be 50% of the rate posted at the time of the maintenance inspection
^ You must inform 4Sight of your closing date at the time of booking your inspection. Closing date must be within 90 days of the inspection. Guarantee is valid for 30 days from closing.
***1. Walk-a-way half price home inspection must be booked and performed within 90 days of the initial home inspection. 2. Major concerns are considered extensive water damage, structural damage, etc. and must exceed $15k. Minor concerns are not applicable. 3. Second inspection is based on availability and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 4. 4Sight Inspections must be informed in writing withing 72 hours of the purchase agreement dissolving.