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Things to ask your prospective home inspector….

admin Home Inspections March 29, 2016

What you should ask your home inspector before hiring him/her

  1. How much experience do you have?

    1. Be sure you hire someone with plenty of experience. Being certified as a home inspector is great but certification cannot come close to hands on experience. Defect recognition cannot be taught in a classroom. It comes only from doing the job and great on site training.
    2. The team at 4Sight Inspections Inc. have a combined 40 years of real, hands on home inspection experience.
  2. Do you have insurance?

    1. If you hire a home inspector be sure they carry both Errors and Omissions insurance as well as General Liability. Feel free to ask for proof of insurance as well. Any inspection company that carries it will have no hesitation in showing you their documentation.
    2. 4Sight Inspections Inc. carries $2,000,000 General Liability and 1,000,000 Errors and Omissions
  3. What do you cover in your inspection?

    1. A home inspection should be comprehensive covering all aspects and components in the home.
    2. A 4Sight Inspections Inc. home inspection covers everything in and out of the home that is visible and accessible.
  4. Do you climb on the roof?

    1. A good home inspector will climb on the roof so long as it does not pose a risk to him/her. Concerns such as how steep or how high the roof is or if there is snow, ice or frost may keep the home inspector from climbing and walking on the roof.
    2. At 4Sight Inspections Inc. we climb on and walk on approximately 60% of roof structures. The other 40% are not walked on due to the above listed safety concerns.
  5. Do you go INTO the attic?

    1. A good home inspector will go into the attic and do a full walk around so long as it is safe to do so. Concerns such as asbestos (vermiculite) insulation, tight space for maneuvering and structural problems may keep an inspector from entering.
    2. At 4Sight Inspections Inc. we climb into approximately 95% of attics.
  6. Do you belong to any associations and what are your designations?

    1. A good home inspector will belong to one of many Home Inspection Associations. The better associations are OAHI, CANNACHI, CAHPI and InterNACHI
    2. All 4Sight Inspection Inc. Inspectors are members of InterNACHI and their membership is required to always remain in good standing. Each 4Sight Inspections Inc. Home Inspector holds the designation of Certified Master Inspector or Certified Professional Inspector.
  7. Do you offer any kind of guarantee on your work?

    1. A home inspection company that believes in their work will have no problem in guaranteeing they will not miss anything.
    2. At 4Sight Inspections you receive our exclusive $1,000.00 guarantee that if we miss something that could have been seen and should have been documented as a defect then we will pay up to $1,000.00 to fix the issue.
  8. How long will your home inspection take?

    1. A home inspection for a high rise condo will typically be about 1 hour. A mid unit town home 1.5 to 2.5 hours. An end unit townhome, semi detached or detached home should take 2 to 3 hours. These are approximate times of course. The actual time taken is dictated by the number of defects found in the home that require documentation.
  9. What kind of report will I receive?

    1. There are several forms of reports available. CD with digital report, printed report on site, digital report as an email attachment and digital report linked to a secure server.
    2. 4Sight Inspections Inc. uses the latest technology. All reporting is done through an app on our smart phones. The data is then synchronized with our secure server. Each report is scrutinized for errors, arrows and circles added to photo’s where necessary and then emailed via a link to the secure server. Each report is interactive and contains upwards of 100 digital photo’s from throughout the home.
  10. When will I receive my report?

    1. The answer could range from same day to 3 days typically
    2. From 4Sight Inspections Inc. you always receive your report same day and in many cases in as little as 1 hour after the inspection completes.

You have to be comfortable with the home inspection company and the home inspector that you choose. They are essentially giving you the thumbs up or thumbs down on the biggest purchase of your life. Be sure you are informed about who you are hiring.

Home Inspection Estimations

admin Home Inspections March 25, 2016

Home Inspection Estimations

During a home inspection I often have people asking me if I can estimate the cost for a repair to a certain component in the home that has been found deficient. In understanding that aside from my years of experience as a home inspector I have also been a part of the contracting and construction world. I do understand the reality of quoting contracting jobs and can easily project what I would quote as a repair cost if I were the contractor. Unfortunately, I am not the contractor…a little more on that later.

There is no real rhyme or reason to the differences in pricing from one contractor to another. To replace a fuse panel with a circuit panel for example, one contractor may quote $1,000 and another may quote $3,000. It would not help you in any way if I were to give you an estimate on your repairs as the price variance is too great between different contractors.

Secondly, there are home inspectors who, upon completing home inspections, have given quotes to new home owners and have been far off the mark. One story I will share is of a home inspector in B.C. Canada who completed a home inspection on a $1.1 million dollar home and found water damage. The home inspector, at the request of the home purchasers, gave an estimate of $20,000 to complete repairs. The actual cost of repairs came to $213,000.

The home owners, as you can guess, were not very happy as they had purchased the home expecting $20,000 in repairs based on the home inspectors estimate. They took the home inspector to court and were awarded $193,000, the difference between the home inspectors estimate and the actual cost of repairs.

If there are concerns in your home it pays to get three quotes from professional contractors. A home inspector is there to complete a home inspection and is normally NOT quailified to estimate repairs. Even if he/she does estimate repair costs be sure you get proper quotes. You will save yourself some grief.

As for me, I am still asked to give estimates but will never put myself or my client in that position

Inspect Before You List

admin Home Inspections March 24, 2016

Inspect Before You List

A home inspection before you list your home for sale, to many people, seems redundant. There are, however, several very valid reasons for a pre-listing home inspection. More and more people are moving towards completing a home inspection before listing. Even real estate agents are often discussing the benefits with their clients.

So, what are the benefits? First, it is important to understand that a pre-listing home inspection benefits all parties involved in a real estate transaction, sellers, purchasers and realtors.

No Renegotiation
Typically, once an agreement has been made on price and details on the purchase of a home the two usual conditions are financing and a home inspection. When a home inspector goes through your property s/he will always find, at the very least, some minor issues. The minor one’s are not typically anything that will be up for renegotiation. However, if the home inspector finds anything that is cause for concern the purchaser will usually attempt to renegotiate price or conditions. You are vulnerable as repairs need to be completed and you have little time to do your homework.
If you have a pre-listing home inspection you are made aware of all defects prior to listing and have the time to get quotes and resolve the defects long before an offer comes in. Now, once an offer is made, even if the purchasers choose to have their own home inspector go through, there will be nothing of consequence for him/her to find, hence, there is no renegotiation.

Deals will not collapse
As unfortunate as it is, some deals fall through. It can be due to defects found in the house or perhaps the purchaser has gotten cold feet and is looking for anything in the report to get out of the deal. If the home inspection is done prior to listing then there is nothing that can be found that would enable the deal to collapse.

Great Selling Point and Part of the Vendors Package
When the agent is putting together the sellers package the home inspection report can be included to show the vendors due diligence in 1. getting an inspection completed and 2. completing the repairs that were required.

Pre-listing home inspections offer clearer deals that are less likely to renegotiate or fall through and it gives the purchasers, vendors and agents peace of mind.